Yes, we will continue to talk about it…

This week the Summit on Race group gathered to plan the next presentation at the May Presbytery meeting. Details of the next presentation will be available soon.

The question that I was asked not too long ago was “Why do we have to continue with these racism conversations? We need to move onto other things?” I think my response was a blank stare of disbelief.

Here is probably a better response to that question from the Belhar Confession

“We believe … that this unity must become visible so that the world may believe that separation, enmity and hatred between people and groups is sin which Christ has already conquered, and accordingly that anything which threatens this unity may have no place in the church and  must be resisted” (Book of Confessions, Confession of Belhar, 10.3).

We are required by our faith to continue conversations and actions that demonstrates and makes visible the love of God for all people.

I encourage you to participate in opportunities to learn about and to help end racism. This fall the Presbyteries of Newton and Elizabeth will be hosting an anti-racism workshop.

Complicit! Understanding US Dominant Culture and Systemic Racism and How the PCUSA is Wrapped in it , Saturday, September 30 Presbyterian Church of Madison, 19 Green Avenue, Madison, NJ from 9:00 to 3:30 pm

I strongly recommend that you add this to your calendar now. The registration for the workshop will be available soon.

We have a lot to learn as people of God. Let us embrace these opportunities to engage in these important faith conversations.