Worship and Resources from the Presbytery Meeting- What Breaks God’s Heart: Gun Violence

The November meeting theme was What Breaks God’s Heart: Gun Violence. Two members of the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA), Ron Bottrell and Lisa Baker, shared how the PDA responds to human caused disasters. The Worship service focused on Unnatural Disasters. Here are resources from PDA and the Worship Service.

 PDA Resources

Worship Resources After Public Violence. This collection of prayers, litanies, worship and vesper service outlines, strategies for children’s messages, etc. can be found on the PDA homepage at: http://pda.pcusa.org/situation/hcd/

“Recovering from Un-Natural Disasters: A Guide for Pastors and Congregations after Violence and Trauma.” Written by Laurie Kraus, David Holyan and Bruce Wismer, three pastors who have experienced human-caused trauma in their own congregations and communities and, as members of Presbyterian Disaster Assistance’s National Response Team, have served as disaster responders and Emotional and Spiritual Care counselors to numerous other faith-based groups. Available for online purchase at: https://www.wjkbooks.com/Products/0664262155/recovering-fromunnatural-disasters.aspx

“Trigger: The Ripple Effect of Gun Violence.” A documentary that frames gun violence as a “disaster” and “public health” issue. All those scarred by gun violence ask, “Why did this happen to us?” Trigger looks at those experiences and turns to the bigger question, “What can we do to prevent gun violence?” (51 minutes) Study and Action Guide also available at: http://pda.pcusa.org/situation/story-productions/#trigger

‘Tapestry: Reweaving the Fabric of Community After Public Violence.” A documentary that examines the effects of public violence events in congregations and communities. Framed through the lens of PDA National Response Team members who have responded to public violence events and supported communities of faith and their leaders through trauma and the healing process. (21 minutes) Video and downloadable study guide available at: http://pda.pcusa.org/pda/resource/video-tapestry/

The Trauma Pastoral Care Series (Training Videos). A series of 15 videos intended for pastors caring for those experiencing trauma, or experiencing trauma themselves. Emphasis on human-caused disasters. http://pda.pcusa.org/pda/resource/Trauma-Pastoral-Care-Series/

More information from PDA

Presbytery Worship

The November Presbytery meeting worship was focused around unnatural disasters. Rev. Ed Hallderson preached from Romans 8: 3 -9, “Why or When?”.  The prayers of the Presbytery, focused unnatural disasters, were added to a prayer ladder. The prayers can be found on the Presbytery in Prayer blog.
Presbytery Worship Bulletin November 2018

Continuing the Conversation

We hope to add more resources and information over the next few weeks. If you are interested in continuing the conversations started from What Breaks God’s Heart , please contact Jeanne or Robin.