Time to fill in the Calendar

We have had couple of days of summer. The little extra heat has helped spur the garden growth (and the weeds). We also received in the office another reminder that summer is almost here -the PCUSA planning calendars.  Looking over the new calendar I started to mentally fill in the dates with upcoming events for summer and fall.

Mark your calendars for this summer and fall events geared for learning, leadership development and helping us all be better disciples of Jesus Christ.

July 6 – 8 – Big Tent, St. Louis, Missouri. Race – Reconciliation-Reformation

The theme will emphasize the hope of the Gospel and its power to transform society in our current cultural context, marked by anxiety, racial division, political animosity, and economic inequality. Through dialogue, workshops, exhibits, and engagement with one another, participants will engage the Church in its mission of justice-making and peace.

August  25 and 26– Big Sing, Presbyterian Church of Morris Plains

Learn new ways of introducing new songs for worship.  Alison Adam has many years experience in enabling Congregational Song. She worked for over twenty years as part of the Wild Goose Resource Group of the Iona Community.

September 9 – Special Presbytery Gathering with PCUSA Stated Clerk – Rev. J. Herbert Nelson

10 am to noon at Fairmount Presbyterian Church. More info will be available soon

September 22 -23 Synod of the Northeast – COME TO THE TABLE – Feasting on Abundance: When the World Says There isn’t Enough – Stony Point Center

Our Synod community gathers annually. On the even years we gather as our Synod Assembly – our coming together to affirm our connectional identity by together setting goals and handling the necessary governance. On the odd years we gather at Come to the Table – our coming together to learn about ministry innovation and missional opportunities being developed by Presbyterians throughout our region. We hope you will join us in 2017!

September 25 -27, 2017 Stewardship Kaleidoscope: Real Tools for Real Ministry Dreaming: All that God has is our: Stewardship Anew – St. Petersburg, FL

September 30  Presbyteries of Newton and Elizabeth present COMPLICIT! Understanding US Dominant Culture and Systemic Racism and How the PCUSA is Wrapped in it.

9 am to 3:30 pm at Presbytery Church of Madison.

The workshops will include developing a deeper language to talk about white cultural dominance; define and begin to understand what systemic racism is; analyze the ways in which decisions, practices, and actions Presbyterians take as communities of faith maintain the status quo; introduce practices and tools aimed at interrupting our individual and institutional complicity with racial injustice.

October 2017 – Presbytery of Newton Clergy Retreat

The date is not finalized yet but will be soon. Keep this in mind as you plan your fall calendar.

November 16, 2017  Boundary Training Workshop for Clergy and Church Leaders.
More information will be available soon.