The Answers to your Questions? – Missional Practice of Spiritual Discernment

Recently I was asked “how can I get my congregation to think about the future?”. Another question, very similar, “The church leaders have all different ideas, all are good, but different. How can I help them focus in one direction?”

For several years now, we have been talking about the Missional Practices. These practices are focused on assisting church leaders and pastors to discover the answer to these questions together.

The Missional Practices are not “programs” but practices and habits that the congregation and individuals learn to use for their life together and as individual disciples.

The Practice of Spiritual Discernment is the process and habit of recognizing how we’ve come to where we are and who the Holy Spirit is calling us to be within God’s mission. In this practice/habit the church dwells in the Word and brainstorms together the past and the present, in order to listen through one another for the Spirit directing the church toward God’s preferred and promised future.

On February 2 from 9 am to 1 pm at Fairmount Presbyterian Church, we will be offering a workshop on the Missional Practice of Spiritual Discernment.  If you have been asking the question “how do I get my coaggregation to think about the future?” or “how do we all focus on one direction and what is that direction?” this is a workshop for you. If you want a focused process of making decisions together, this the workshop for you. If you are asking “where is God leading us?”, this is the workshop for you.

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