Thank You for being part of the Community

As you probably already know, the presbytery is not an “organization” or an “institution”. The Presbytery does have elements of organization and institution. Yet the Presbytery itself is a community.

The Presbytery is a faith community made up of other faith communities we call churches or congregations. The overall role of the Presbytery is to support, resource and walk alongside these faith communities as they are the embodiment of God’s mission and ministry in this region of the God’s creation.

Part of the way the Presbytery supports each other through our committees and teams working together in mission and ministry and support and visioning and dreaming and so many other ways.

This week we elected new people to our teams and committees and said thank you to those who have served faithfully.

Please join me in thanking the following people who have faithfully served the church of Jesus Christ through the Presbytery’s teams and committees

Presbytery Coordinating Team (PCT)

Jeff Hatch
Stephen Choi
Henry Newbold

Committee on Preparation
Sherrie Guthrie
Chad Rodgers
Amy Florence

Committee on Ministry
Doris Haring
Jeff Betz

Nominating Committee
Lilly Kwong
John Thomas

Thank you again for your work, ideas, dreams and faithfulness.