Stewardship Workshops

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April 23, 2016

Two convenient sites,  Same stewardship info.,  Open to all

10am – Noon  

Pilgrim Presbyterian Church    

750 Belvidere Road, Phillipsburg, NJ



Wharton United Community Church

20 Church Street, Wharton, NJ

In today’s environment, the need to look at stewardship differently is not only important – it’s necessary. How do we transform a stewardship program to become a vital part of the life of your church? This workshop will focus on the foundational issues of spirituality and leadership, providing immediately do-able steps for growing generosity and transforming congregations. Our goal is to equip leaders to shift their congregants’ hearts as well as their wallets.

Cost: 0.00 $        Facilitator:  Rev. Ellie Johns-Kellie        Flyer Stewardship.

Registration: Please contact Stefanie Muntzel at  [email protected]

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