Resourcing Center

Newton Presbytery’s Resourcing Center is committed to resourcing our congregations.

  •  Our coordinator can help you find resources beyond our collectioncall to set up a consult.
  • The center is accessible during Presbytery office hours Monday – Friday from 9:00am-3:00pm.
  • Our catalog can be browsed on-line:  
  • Have resources mailed out to you (you just cover postage), or pick up at a Presbytery meeting.

Is there a resource you would like to see in the Resource Center?  Just let us know!  [email protected]

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Looking for a Resource List created for presbytery, click here!

Would you like more in-depth support?  Let the Resourcing Center bring a workshop to your church, at a time which work for your congregation.

Missional Ministry Workshops

Dwelling in the Word – Immersing ourselves in the Word so that it shapes our imagination, intentions and actions.
Dwelling in the World – Becoming alert and observant of the people in the world where God has sent us.
Hospitality – Creating the safe space and forming bi-cultural Christian Community within God’s mission in and for the world
Spiritual Discernment – Recognizing where we are and how the Holy Spirit is leading us in the formation of the Christian community within God’s mission.
Announcing the Kingdom – Bearing witness the work and presence of Jesus Christ in our communities and the world.
Focusing on Missional Action – Focusing our energy and attention on actions that move us further In God’s mission in the world is central to fulfilling a missional life.


Best Practices Training– Stewardship, Officer training, What does Missional mean?

Email  [email protected]  to set up a consultation or to leave a question. Visit our Facebook page for helpful links and post questions!