Presbytery Meeting November Worship Service – What Breaks God’s Heart: Gun Violence

Throughout the year our Presbytery meetings have focused on “What Breaks Gods Heart?”  Each meeting focused on a different issue that weighs upon our hearts as people of faith. The goal was to bring these issues into the light and encourage our congregations to focus on the mission opportunities that each of these themes represent.

In January we focused on the opioid crisis in New Jersey. Gregory Krausz, MA, CAADC, LPC led a spiritual conversation about addictions counseling and treatment in NJ working with Criminal Justice clients with alcohol and drug problems. His presentation is available on YouTube.

The March Presbytery meeting focused on #MeToo. Several members of Presbytery shared their #MeToo stories and the presbytery discussed different ways that their congregation could address issues of abuse, harassment and sexual misconduct.

Amanda Craft, Office of Immigration Issues, Office of the General Assembly, shared ways that congregations can learn about and address immigration issues.

The November Presbytery meeting focused on Gun Violence and unnatural disasters.
Just days before the meeting several incidents of mass gun violence occurred, reminding us again of the pain and fear that comes with each news report. Members of the Presbytery Disaster Assistance Response Team, along with pastors from our presbytery, shared with presbytery how congregations can be prepared to assist during times of unnatural violence.  The Rev. Ed Halldorson preached about unnatural disasters using Psalm 22 and Romans 8.

Presbytery of Newton Worship – November 2018