Presbytery in Prayer – Prayers from the Presbytery Meeting

The Presbytery of Newton met this week. During our worship we received an offering of prayers.

Please pray for the concerns of the presbyters.

God in your Mercy,

  • Pray for all who are inquirers and candidates for ministry. Give them continued direction and guidance on the journey
  • Prayers of thanksgiving for the good and faithful saints of Newton Presbytery who have supported, encouraged, and embraced me in the formative years of ministry. You have made God’s love real in my life! Thanks be to God!
  • For B. and B. as they navigate the challenges of aging and health problems. For peace, acceptance and guidance as they make choices for the future.
  • Be with your children who are in the path of Hurricane Florence.
  • Prayers for those mourning loss
  • Prayers for S. T. who is in hospice care.
  • Prayers for B. who survived a jump from a plane with an unopened parachute and for his wife.
  • For the Duncan Caldwell and his family on the passing of his wife, Bonnie. She will be sorely missed.
  • Hear our prayers of Thanksgiving for the safe arrival of Wesley, born on September 8 and prayers for newborn Wesley’s mom as she continues treatment for Leukemia.
  • Prayers for all who are in transition.
  • Prayers for S. a youth who has been diagnosed with Leukemia
  • Prayers for the ventures of our colleagues and friends
  • Prayers for the family and friends of Anthony who died suddenly two weeks ago
  • Pray for the end of misogyny in the church
  • Remember in prayer Cathy P. who is battling lung cancer
  • Prayers for all those still suffering from the effects of 9 -11
  • Prayers for those suffering from addictions and their families.
  • Prayers for S. who is in hospice care
  • Pray for those who are planning stewardship this fall
  • Be with those who are in the path of the hurricane
  • Give strength to those who live in fear of being deported.
  • Prayers for O.R. and his wife
  • Prayers for M.S recovering from pneumonia
  • Prayers for those mourning the loss of a loved one.
  • Traveling mercies for all our brothers and sisters who are moving to new places
  • Prayers for those who are looking for employment as well as strength and wisdom
  • Thank you for your continued blessings
  • Prayers for all the 9-11 families and for support and continued healing of victims.
  • Prayers and strength and courage for K. M. who is battling a life-threatening illness
  • Prayers for peace for L. F. on the loss of her daughter
  • Help all immigrants who live in fear in this country
  • Prayers for B as he begins treatment for lung cancer
  • Prayers for J.
  • Be with our church. Help them to see the work of the Holy Spirit in their community, congregations and their own lives.
  • Prayers for those being treated with cancer, for those who are dying, for those with mental illness, for those in violent houses.
  • Prayers for children and for those who are waiting to have children
  • Prayers for the grieving, for students and teachers and for hospital chaplains.
  • Prayers for care-takers of all kinds – those who take care of elderly relatives and who take care of our children.
  • Prayers for the lonely, the tired, and the ones who need the help of a friend.

God in your Mercy, hear our prayers.