Praying for First Presbyterian Church of Blairstown

Throughout the year we will be sharing prayers for congregations and their ministries in our Presbytery.

First Presbyterian Church of Blairstown was incorporated July 3, 1839 and the sanctuary was dedicated in December 1840. The church and spire of the First Presbyterian Church of Blairstown have been a beacon of faith and outreach for the community since 1840.

The three main prayer concerns that they have asked for the presbytery in prayer to include are:

To glorify God by:

  • Being Christ to and connecting with another in word and deed as we care for and offer support to those within our congregation and community;
  • Being Christ to the poor and the marginalized by providing food, shelter and clothing to people within our region; and
  • Being Christ to the community by serving as leading force for positive change in addressing drug use and addiction in Blairstown.

Gracious God,

We lift in prayer our brothers and sisters in Christ of the First Presbyterian Church of Blairstown. Throughout their history they have been an anchor and a beacon of hope and compassion to the members and community. Give them strength, vision and love to continue to serve those to whom you call them. May all that they do glorify your name. In Christ’s name. Amen.