Prayers for Southern California

A few weeks ago, we prayed for all who were being impacted by the California wildfires. The Thomas fire, the largest in state history, burned over 5,643 structures and destroyed almost 282,000 acres of vegetation.  The scared land yesterday again has caused more destruction and death with mudslides following heavy rain storms. At the time of this writing 15 people were confirmed dead with many missing. Homes that survived the fires have been pushed off their foundations and destroyed. People who just recently were able to return to their homes are being evacuated again.

Let us pray for those in California who have lost loved ones, who are searching for the missing and who have to pick up and run for safety yet again.

Holy One, whose desire for all peoples is wholeness, life abundant, and peace: Hear us as we pray in sorrow for lives lost and communities shattered by fire and mudslides.

As your servant Elijah fled for his life into the wilderness and found bread for the journey, may survivors of this destruction find, in the outpouring of their neighbor’s care, shelter, sustenance and companionship in the midst of devastation.

Let us have an answer when your voice inquiries, What are you doing here Elijah?

Let us answer with our prayers. Let us answer with generous gifts. Let us join together to bring assistance, comfort and healing.

In a world that suffers, Light still shines, and darkness, smoke and mud shall not overcome it.

In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

(adapted from prayer by Laurie A. Kraus, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance)