Prayers for Safety from Wildfires in CA

From Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA)

Wildfires are raging again in parts of California leaving more than 45,000 acres burned, destroying homes and forcing major evacuations. Apartment complexes, homes and a hospital are among the structures in the path of the fast-moving flames.

California and part of the Northwest are still recovering from devastating fires in September.

God of all creation,

Once again, we lift our prayers for those who are facing the terror of running from wildfires. So many left so quickly that they left their homes with just with what they could grab on the way out the door.  Now they wait to find out if they have a home or if they need to sift through the cinders for their treasured memories.

Give strength to those who have fled the fires and strength those who run to the fire. Many men and women put their lives between fire and safety. Let us be ready to assist in the recovery with our contributions or our teams ready to help rebuild. You call for us to be neighbors to all people.

We pray for our neighbors in Southern California. Keep them safe.