Prayers for Hildale Park Presbyterian Church

We all have markers along our journey where we stop, pause, reflect and often celebrate.  This weekend Hildale Park Presbyterian Church will be celebrating one of those important markers of their journey – 100 years of Ministry.

Let us remember in prayer Hildale Park Presbyterian Church, Cedar Knolls, NJ as they celebrate the years of witnessing to the Kingdom of God.

God of Past, Present and Future; Receive our gratitude for the years through which you have led the faithful of Hildale Park Presbyterian Church and open to them the future you promise. In the years that lie ahead, grant them your encouragement in the work of ministry, your support in their defeats, and your challenge in their times of complacency.

Give them trust in your abiding Holy Spirit, that they may find joy and peace in their common life, strength and courage to live in the world for your Kingdom, and hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.