Prayers for Peace in South Sudan

The Stated Clerk of the PCUSA has called for all Presbyterians to observe a day of prayer for peace in South Sudan on August 12.  The appeal comes in the wake of a fragile peace agreement signed on August 5 by the South Sudan government and key opposition leaders.

Rev. Dr. J. Herbert Nelson, II writes: Friends, we have heard the cries of Christian partners in the Presbytery Church of South Sudan and Sudan as the search of peace continues. I call upon us all to join them in their special day of prayer on August 12, 2018; and I urge us all to remain in prayer as they continue the long, painful struggle to reach a genuine peaceful resolution for all the parties.

The PCUSA has a long-standing partnership with the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan and Sudan (PCOSS).

Lord, may this peace find real purchase, may lasting peace finally find her footing.  May leaders act justly, seeking the welfare of the land.  May ink on paper link hand with hand and bring an end to this bloody war, the war we know in South Sudan. Amen.