A Prayer for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can be complicated.

Mother’s Day for some can be joyful celebration for the gift of children who make us mothers. for some it is a day of remembering mothers who are gone.

For others is more than remembering, it is grieving at the loss of a mother or a child. And for others it is a reminder that they are not a mother.

Mother’s Day can also be a time that highlights the fears and worries of mothers that they are not good enough, don’t have the strength or that they will fail as a mother.

Mother’s Day can be complicated.


Loving God, we realized that Mother’s Day is not the “Hallmark moment” that the culture wants it to be. For some it is great time to gather and celebrate those special people we call Mom. We pray that these gatherings be a celebration and a time of honoring those we love.

 For some Mother’s Day is a reminder of a loss of a Mom or a child or someone special.  May they be comforted in their loss and sadness with your love that wraps around them.

We pray for mothers who are worried, anxious or concerned about the future for a child or children. Help them to have calm strength and patient wisdom. Give them courage and a quiet mind in their role as a parent.  We pray for those who grieve or fear that they will never be a mother.

We thank you for those who we call Mom, for those who are our special people who have guided us through good times and through those rough patches of life.

Gracious God, we are never away from your care, and what we lack you give in love.  We give you thanks for that love and grace that you bestow on all who are called Mom.  In Jesus Name. Amen.