Prayers for those affected by the Northern CA fires

Let us pray for those affected by the Northern California Fires.  Recent reports indicated that 170,000 acres have burned and 23 have died with many more reported missing.  Rev. Cindy Alloway, former associate pastor of Morristown and pastor of Presbyterian Church of the Roses in Santa Rosa reported on Facebook that Church of the Roses is a shelter for those who have had to evacuate.  The fires are far from being contained.

A Go Fund Me site has been established to help Church of Roses with feeding and supporting those who had to evacuate and are anxiously waiting to be able to return to see if their home survived. 

The Presbyterian Disaster Assistance has been in contact with the affected Presbyteries of the fires. As soon as it is safe they will have assessment teams on site. The PDA has set up an account for the Northern CA fires.

Holy One, you are comfort and strength in times of sudden disaster, crisis, or chaos.  Surround the people of Northern California with your grace and peace through the fire, fear and anxiety.  By your Spirit, lift up those who have evacuated or are searching for lost ones, sustain those who work to rescue  and contain the fire,  and fill all  with the hope of your new creation;  through Jesus Christ, our rock and redeemer.