Prayer for Domestic Violence Awareness Sunday

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and this Sunday, October 7th, is Domestic Violence Awareness Sunday.

This week, this month, and every day, may we lift up the stories of all those, past and present, who have been silenced far too long, praying that they may empower us to live into the gospel message of hope.

Featured is a prayer from Presbyterian Women Executive Director Susan Jackson Dowd.

God of shelter, give refuge to those who suffer violence and abuse in unsafe homes.
Bring your peace.
God of deliverance, release those who are enslaved and controlled by abusers, and give them sanctuary.
Bring your freedom.
God of compassion, defend the abused and the innocents who witness violence.
Bring your hope.
God of salvation, surround, guide and heal those who abuse and bully others.
Bring your light.
God of perfect love, move us toward holiness in our relationships with you, with one another and with creation.
Bring your assurance.
God of shelter and peace, deliverance and freedom, compassion and hope, salvation and light, perfect love and assurance,
hear our prayer.

Used with Permission – Presbyterian News Service