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Soul Shop

Highlands Presbyterian Church and Johnsonburg Camp and Retreat Center are partnering to bring a series of 3 Soul Shop workshops to Northwest NJ. The Soul Shop movement exists due to the need of desperately hurting people to be heard, noticed, and seen within their faith communities. Soul Shop provides training and support to faith community leaders recognizing that most congregations are not equipped to adequately respond to the needs of those impacted by suicidal desperation. Soul Shop brings the tools and training to help create soul safe communities. Also see

The Presbyterian Depot

The Presbyterian Depot is a mission partnership of Old Greenwich, Pilgrim, Second Oxford, Stewartsville and Westminster Presbyterian churches gathered to serve the Phillipsburg area community by providing kitchen/household items to the homeless and to victims of domestic violence who are starting over.

Mission partnerships are a valuable means of meeting needs in your community that individual congregations can’t do alone.  They also give congregations the opportunity to build relationships with each other and the community that can bear witness to Christ’s call to care for the least of these.

“The place God calls you is the place where your deep gladness

and the world’s deep hunger meet.” – Frederick Buechner

Our partners in Warren County: Family Promise and DASAAC (Domestic Abuse & Sexual Assault Crisis Center) identified the immediate and critical need to provide kitchen/household items to their clients who are relocating to a new place to live and who have virtually nothing to start with.

The Presbyterian Depot wants to be in relationship with

those struggling for wholeness and a new life.

The Newton-Nairobi Partnership Team

With fellow Presbyterians of the PCEA, our mission is to foster international Christian relationships and, as servants of Jesus Christ, share endeavors in specific mission action bringing hope, encouragement and practical supportive services to Kenyans in need of such.

First Memorial Presbyterian Church, Dover


Waterloo Methodist Church – partnership in our Sunday bag lunch program

“Share the Well” church – partnership in our bag lunch program

NORWESCAP – three separate programs that provide needed information  and services to the community Family Partners of Morris and Sussex Counties – positive parenting and training classes

AA – 6 separate groups that meet in our facility

Interfaith Neighborhood

Interfaith Neighborhood brings together people from different faith communities toward the common goals of our faiths. The Neighborhood represents Rockaway and the surrounding area.  Their primary goals are to build understanding and peace through community gatherings and small group programs.   They are currently working on an anti-hate campaign along with the NJ Interfaith Coalition.   Sue and Mitch Trigger, founding members,  will share how the group began,  it’s accomplishments and struggles.

PCT Caring Project

The Presbyterian Disaster Assistance program of PCUSA partners with Church World Service in the packing and distribution of “Kits of the Heart” to help effected people.

Newton Presbytery, in honor of our 200th Anniversary would like to assemble 200 Hygiene Kits at the May Presbytery meeting.
If each church collects 25 of one of the seven items and donates about $10 for processing, we can accomplish this goal. By dropping off the kits at a depot we can save shipping costs.In the face of natural disasters, violence or grating poverty, the kits provide the difference between sickness and health for struggling families.

The kit contains one of each of the following: hand towel, washcloth, wide tooth comb, nail clipper, bath size bar of soap, toothbrush, and small box of band aids. If each church donates 25 of ONE item we can do this!

There will be a sign-up table at the Partnership Cafe portion of the March Presbytery meeting (with online sign up for giving to follow for what is still needed) and we will actually make the kits at the May Presbytery meeting. Donations need to be at the May meeting or the Presbytery Office before the May meeting.

Emerging Mission and Ministry Cooperative

The Emerging Ministry and Mission Cooperative (EMMCO) supports emerging mission partnerships within the Presbytery by offering financial and hands on support.   Stop by our table to hear about grant opportunities and to ask questions about the grants.  Also, stop by to share with us the ministries and mission opportunities popping up in your church and community.  We would love to celebrate and support you in the ministry God has set before you.
Presbyterian Church of Morris Plains/Scott Blythe

I am looking for partners to host a friend of mine who has many years experience in enabling congregational song. She worked for over twenty years as part of the Iona Community’s Wild Goose Resource Group. Alison will be here on Friday 25 August and Saturday 26 August. She would like to lead a ‘Big Sing’ on Friday evening and a workshop on Saturday that will explore ‘Methods of Introducing New Music’ into the life of congregations.

I am looking for those who might be willing to share in such an event and possibly be open to contributing to a gift to Alison for her time.

Summit on Race

The Summit on Race is a team committed to conversation and action to do with issues of racism and white privilege.