Newton Presbytery’s Resource Center

Are you the new chairperson of your congregation’s Outreach Committee? Are you someone who has led the Advent Bible Study for your women’s group for the past 6 years and need an idea for year 7? Are you a pastor who is thinking, “My congregation knows my go-to stories better than I do!” Have you been wondering: “What does this buzz word ‘missional’ really mean?” If so then the Newton Presbytery’s Resource Center is a budget item which will be of great interest to you.


The Newton Presbytery Resource Center has a clear mandate to serve our congregations. It does so in two ways. The first is by giving congregation’s access to over 4000 resources. Church leaders are invited to look through and then borrow (for free) from the collection of printed resources found in our Presbytery office. One can also access the material in our center’s collection through the Newton Presbytery website at: Anyone can do an online search to see if there is a book, DVD, manual, devotional, or kit to help with a practical ministry concern or educational need in your church. Requests to borrow material can be made online and resources can be mailed to a church or even brought to a Presbytery meeting for someone to pick-up. The Center remains open for anyone to peruse the shelves Monday-Friday, 9:00am-3:00pm (regular office hours).


The Resource Center is more than a collection of books. If someone searches the collection and does not find what is needed, then the Resource Center Coordinator is available to provide assistance. I (Stefanie Muntzel) can point someone searching for a resource to a relevant publisher, web-site, podcast or blog. I am currently also a pastor of a small church, and I previously served for over a decade as a Christian educator and Youth minister. I am familiar with both denominational resources and other sources to help churches navigate the complex world of ministry today. If a printed resource won’t do justice to the kind of conversation needed, I or someone from our volunteer team can come to your church and offer leadership.  This consultation is supported by what your church has already given to the mission of the presbytery – so there is no cost to the host church or to those who participate in a local Resource Center consultation.

Resource Center

The hope is for the Resource Center to grow in accessibility and relevancy to our Newton Presbytery congregations in 2016 by going on the road and visiting even more churches. If you are interested in having the Resource Center come to your church to share what we have to offer, please email me at [email protected].

~ Stefanie Muntzel, Resource Center Coordinator
Member of the PCT Communications Committee