March 14, 2017 Presbytery Meeting Highlights

  • A short video was shared on the history of the Presbyterian Church in Morristown
  • The new pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Berkshire Valley and Oak Ridge Presbyterian Church, Christopher Doyle, was introduced and welcomed to the Presbytery.
  • Rev. Hugh Matlack was nominated and elected Vice-Moderator. He will be installed in May and current vice moderator Rev. Carie Morgan was elected and will be installed as Moderator.
  • Presbytery leader Jeanne Radak gave her annual report highlighting steps being taken to address racism in the church. Click here to read the report.
  • The Summit on Race invited members of Morristown and their partner church Rendall Memorial Presbyterian Church in Harlem to share about their experience so far in their Undoing Racism Project.
  • An Administrative Commission was formed to support the session and congregation at Stillwater during a time of transition and to assist them with financial best practices.
  • Presbyters participated in a Partnership Cafe in which current groups of churches shared about what they are doing together and opportunities for others to get involved in their efforts. New initiatives were shared with presbyters with the invitation for others to join them.
  • Presbyters fellowshipped over dinner.