Presbytery Coordinating Team (PCT)

The Presbytery Coordinating Team is responsible for

  • pct2Coordinating the work of the Presbytery
  • Continuing to explore vision for the Presbytery’s journey
  • Serving as the interpreter for the ministry and mission of the Presbytery
  • Organizing Presbytery meetings (planning, content and worship)
  • Telling our story and providing resources in Stewardship for congregations
  • Preparing the annual budget
  • Encouraging the generosity of congregations
  • Nominating the nominating committee
  • Overseeing matters of personnel in relation to paid and volunteer staff
  • Provides over site of all continuing mission partnerships
  • Relating to all other councils of the church

The Presbytery Coordinating Team Commission

PCT Commission approved May 2014

The Presbytery Coordinating Team work teams

  • Executive Team
  • Finance Team
  • Personnel Team
  • Communication Team
  • Worship Team

Documents – Forms – Policies – Guidelines

Proposed 2017 Budget


Discipleship Video

Per Capita Resource – Bulletin Insert