The Missional Ministry Team (MMT)

The Missional Ministry Team:

  • Seeks to challenge and nurture congregations that are engaged in transformation and redevelopment.
  • Will provides experiences of growth for the leaders of these congregations
  • Oversees the development of new worshipping communities
  • Serves as a resource to congregations engaged in developing ministry strategies
  • Works in partnership with COM when congregations are in transition by providing oversight and guidance of the mission/discernment study with the interim pastor, congregation, and COM liaison, and will approve the final document.

Missional Habits Grants – $500

To encourage congregations within the Presbytery of Newton to engage in one or more of the Six Missional Habit, the Missional Ministry Team (MMT) is offering 8 grants of $500 each for the calendar year 2018.

As these practices begin to form new habits within a congregation, a clearer sense of vision will emerge. The Missional Ministry Team is ready to support these new visions with seed money.

Missional Habits Grants Application and  Information

Discernment Process for Your Congregation

Discovering and Connecting the Pieces 2018 ver 3
Leadership Capacities Appendix 10 ver 3
Leadership Capacities Event Appendix 11 ver 3

Practices of a Missional Church 

Dwelling in the Word

Immersing ourselves in the Word so that it shapes our imagination, intentions and actions. Missional Innovation is a spiritual journey and so is shaped first by God’s Word among us.

Dwelling in the World

Becoming alert and observant of the people in the world where God has sent us. The Father sent the son into the world, the Father and the Son send the Spirit, and together sends the Church. Particular aspects of this practice are recognizing “people of peace” and potential partners in mission


Creating the safe space and forming bi-cultural Christian community within God’s mission in and for the world.

Spiritual Discernment

Recognizing where we are and how the Holy Spirit is leading us in the formation of Christian Community within God’s mission.

Announcing the Kingdom

When Jesus tells the disciples “you will be my witnesses, when the Holy Spirit comes on you,” he is promising that they will see Jesus at work and they are to bear witness to his presence and work in the world.

Focus for Missional Action

In a world of possibilities, it is easy to dissipate our energy by pursing too many good things. Focusing our energy and attention on actions that move us further in God’s mission in the world is central to fulfilling a missional life.














The Missional Ministry Team will be offering a new grant starting in 2017. More information will be available soon.


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