Resourcing Team

Resourcing Team provides guidance and input, as well as be themselves resources, to enable the Resourcing Center to offer opportunities for learning within our Presbytery.

The team is made up of  ministers and church leaders who demonstrate the skill sets needed to provide workshops and identify learning material for the Presbytery.  The team meets quarterly to review materials to purchase, to plan out workshops and look for learning opportunities outside the Presbytery to lift-up to the Presbytery at large.

Possible areas of focus:

1)   Workshops (Resourcing Center on the Road)

Workshops allow us to facilitate learning around relevant topics out in the field where our churches do their ministry. The workshops would be held at local locations and at times which invite participation.    The topics are chosen by local congregational leaders ( vs, a topic we *think* a congregation needs.) When a workshop is facilitated by the Resourcing Coordinator or sponsored by the Resourcing team, it is open to all our churches.  This encourages partnership between congregations.

Two types of workshops:  Missional Ministry Training focuses on the six missional habits or practices we lift up as our values:  Dwelling in the Word, Dwelling in the World, Discernment, Hospitality, Announcing the Reign of God, and Missional Focus.  They are facilitated by members in our Presbytery who have  received  special training to lead workshops and conversations of these specific habits.  Best Practices Training focuses on topics which emerge again and again in the life of congregations.  They could include such issues as stewardship or officer training.  Currently Presbytery staff lead these events but under the direction of the Resourcing team, leaders within our Presbytery who have certain skills maybe called on to facilitate.

2)   Resourcing Center Library and Consultations

These days it is difficult for pastors and church leaders to discern what material- books, booklets, websites, podcasts, series- are worth purchasing for their ministries.  Most resources can be previewed on-line, but one needs to know where to look.  This is the benefit of the Resourcing center.  In interacting with multiple churches, the coordinator and RC team members can learn what material is actually relevant and useful to congregations.  Relevant, newly published material ‘on-hand’ in the Center can be great support to individual congregations.