Changes to the Book of Order

Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

You will remember that back in March at our Stated Meeting we voted on the various changes to the Book of Order which were referred to the presbyteries by the General Assembly Meeting in Portland last June.

All of the recommendations which came from General Assembly have received affirmative votes from enough presbyteries to have passed. They will become effective June 25th.

This means, among other things, that Minister of The Word and Sacrament is now once again the primary title for clergy.  Teaching Elder, and Steward of the Mysteries of God, my personal favorite are still valid titles but Minister of The Word and Sacrament is once again primary.

Also adopted as part of these changes is the new Directory for Worship. I encourage each of you to make use of that great resource as you plan for the worship life of your congregations.

The new books of order should be arriving soon. You can contact Sonja in the presbytery office about ordering them for your church.

Yours in Christ’s Peace,

Jeremy T. Campbell

Stated Clerk