Building Authentic Relationships

Last week I attended Community Organizing Training in Baltimore sponsored by NEXT church, Johnson C. Smit Seminary with IAF (Industrial Areas Foundation) Community Organizing trainers.

We worked on many issues. We discussed issues and learned skills around power, money, action, organizing and local politics. Yet with all that the overall learning is the core element of Community Organizing is Relationships.  Leading, organizing, ministry, mission is about relationships – authentic relationships.

Luke 10: 1 -12 – Jesus sent the disciples in pairs to the places he intended to go. They were to go out like lambs in the midst of wolves. They were not to take anything with them. When they entered the village they were to carry no baggage and be open to the hospitality offered to them. 

The disciples were instructed to go out into the area and build relationships – authentic relationships.

What would building authentic relationships look like in your church’s neighborhood. Are you open to the challenge of hospitality being not just giving but receiving in order to be in relationship with the people around you?  As disciples of Jesus Christ going deeper to build authentic relationships is more than having a good after school program, or a wonderful welcoming coffee hour or opening the doors on Sunday.  It is about getting to know your neighbors by listening to their stories and being present and standing with them in good times and bad.

If you really want to go deeper in building authentic relationships start with the Missional Practice of Hospitality. Training for this practice will be November 17, 9 am to 2 pm at Presbyterian Church in Morristown, Parish House, 65 South Street, Morristown.

To register email [email protected] or call 973-361-0084 or click here