Prayer for Black History Month

Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing their central role in the history of the United States, and in our communities. The origins of Black History month began in 1915 with historian Carter G. Woodson and Rev. Jesse E. Moorland when they founded the Association […]

Our Kairos Moment For Mission

Update on the NJ Missional Structures Conversation The New Jersey Presbytery “stakeholders” met on Wednesday, February 13 to review the draft document, Invitation to Participate in the New Jersey New Missional Communities, from the Missional Structures Working Group.  All seven presbyteries had representatives present to hear the report and provide feedback.  Following the presentation and […]

Celebration of Ordination Anniversary

Congratulations to Rev. Salvatore Seirmarco Ordained on February 16, 2014 ~ 5 Years! Cards can be sent to: 33 Greenbrook Drive West Milford, NJ 07480 [email protected]

It is Flu Season…Let us pray for those who are ill

It is the Flu Season… New Jersey is in the thick of flu season. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), New Jersey is among a handful of states getting hit hardest in the country. Let us pray for those who are ill, hospitalized, missing work, and those caring for those who are infected. […]

What Elders Should know

This is the season for annual meetings, ordinations and installations of church officers.  Recently a new elder asked me what he should know and/or be doing to start off his new role. Here is my checklist of basic things a new (or returning) elder should know or be familiar with.  This is NOT an exhaustive […]

Prayers for those who out in the Cold

The Extreme Cold weather has hit us this week. Most of us are privileged to have a warm place to “hole up” in while it is too cold to linger outside. Many are not.  In 2018 it was estimated the 553,000 people were homeless with 65% of them living in sheltered accommodations.  Depending on the […]

The Synod of the Northeast focuses on Leadership Development and Partnerships

The Synod of the Northeast meets as an Assembly biennially.  In between the Synod Assembly gatherings the Synod Mission and Ministries Commission meets quarterly to conduct the business of the Synod. The Mission and Ministry Commission met on January 25 and 26 in Albany.  The Commission is divided into three working groups and the Leadership […]

Stimulate Your Congregation’s Mission Awareness

The Newton-Nairobi Partnership Team is pleased to inform the Presbytery that, since its stated meeting last May 8th at Johnsonburg, commemorating 25+ years of partnering with three PCEA Presbyteries of Nairobi, Kenya, it has visited seven congregations by invitation for presentations, with an eighth scheduled (Blairstown, Sussex First, Highlands, Newton, Succasunna, Morristown, Berkshire Valley, and […]

Prayers for those who are unemployed or underemployed.

As the partial government shut down continues, let us remember the government workers who will go without another paycheck and all those who have government contracts or provide support services to the government agencies who also are greatly affected by the shut down. Mighty and merciful God, lover of justice and equity, you call us […]

Annual Meeting Questions

Congregations are in the midst of “annual meeting” season.  Over the years I notice that during that season I have an up tick in the phone calls and emails concerning issues and questions as pastors and clerks prepare for the annual meeting. Then another increase in phone calls and emails following the annual meetings. Each […]