The Work of the General Assembly – Wednesday

We have reached Wednesday of the General Assembly. The last few days the commissioners have been working in committees on many items of business.  Today the assembly discussed issues, viewed videos, worshipped, approved and not approved items of business. The assembly met in the morning for Ecumenical Worship. After lunch the committee approved 81 items […]

Kenyan Connection Rewards Women Beyond Expectations

Little did the Presbyterian Women of Long Valley Presbyterian Church realize in 2000, when they committed themselves to four years of financial support for a young Kenyan girl’s secondary school education, that they would be rewarded beyond good feelings of having acted charitably.  But in May, 2018, when the object of their financial support came […]

Presbytery in Prayer – Praying for our GA commissioners

The General Assembly begins on Saturday, June 16, in St. Louis, Missouri. Over 680 Minster and Elder Commissioners, along with almost 200 Young Adult, Seminary and Ecumenical Advisory delegates, will meet to pray, worship, discern and decide on many issues for the Presbyterian Church (USA). Remember especially the Commissioners of the Presbytery of Newton: Rev. […]

Moving with the Spirit

The General Assembly begins on Saturday, June 16. For most Presbyterians this will pass by without notice or may hear about it from their pastor sometime after the Assembly is over. As Presbyterians part of our core beliefs is about discerning, deciding and collaborating together. (Book of Order F- 3.01 -3.04). One way we live […]

Presbytery in Prayer – Praying for those affected by Volcanoes

Guatemala On June 3, the Fuego Volcano, located 27 miles southwest of Guatemala City erupted sending lava flowing down the mountain, covering villages with lava, ash and lahar.  The official number is over 100 people who have died and 200 more are missing.  Many were injured and burned. Several have been evacuated to the United […]

Time to Plan for Stewardship. What? Already?

This week I will take a break from General Assembly information. General Assembly does begin in a week. It is early June and I have planning, with the staff and committees, for the fall season. We are working on the schedule and thinking ahead for resources needed for our congregations. Believe it or not, the […]

Celebration of Ordination Anniversary

Congratulations to Rev. Kathleen Stone Ordained on June 6, 1998 ~ 20 Years! 44 East Central Avenue Wharton, NJ 07885 [email protected]  

Prayers for United Presbyterian of Belvidere

Let us remember in prayer United Presbyterian Church of Belvidere This church overlooks the “green” of Belvidere. The location provides wonderful opportunities to be connected with the community and their neighbors.  Their ministries include Community Earth Day event, a Weekly Community Lunch and a Quilting Ministry. Rev. Dr. Pamela Szurek – Pastor Elder Raymond Smickle […]

Top of the List: The Newton Overture and Per Capita

Each General Assembly there will always be published by Presbyterian Outlook, Presbyterian News Service or other groups a what to “watch list”. Each producer of a “watch” list has a number 1 issue to watch. This year every list has within the first three top items to watch – Per Capita. In February the Committee […]

Prayers for Santa Fe High School

Once again, we are praying for the victims, families, communities and first responders following yet another school shooting. Please prayer for all those affected by the shooting at Santa Fe High School in the Houston, Texas Area. God of our life, whose presence sustains us in every circumstance, As the sound of gunfire again echoes […]