200th Anniversary Celebration Coming Soon

200th Anniversary Celebration We will be celebrating our 200th Anniversary at the Presbytery Meeting on November 14 at Harmony Presbyterian Church. Here is how you can participate! Photo Video There will be a photo video of pictures of all Newton congregations  for the Prelude of the worship service. Please send electronically a couple of pictures […]

2018 Budget Information

  The Budget should tell the story and hopes of the congregation ( or presbytery)…   according to several presenters at the Stewardship Kaleidoscope conference last month.   We hope that the 2018 budget and future financial plan reflects our journey to this point and tells the story of our vision to be “vibrant faith […]

Prayers for those affected by the Northern CA fires

Let us pray for those affected by the Northern California Fires.  Recent reports indicated that 170,000 acres have burned and 23 have died with many more reported missing.  Rev. Cindy Alloway, former associate pastor of Morristown and pastor of Presbyterian Church of the Roses in Santa Rosa reported on Facebook that Church of the Roses […]

Prayer After the Violence in Las Vegas

Once again we are called to pray for those who have faced violence and how it has changed their lives forever. Let us pray for the victims, families and communities affected by the senseless shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday night.   PRAYER AFTER THE MASSACRE IN LAS VEGAS October 2, 2017 God of our […]

Errand Runners from Jesus

What can I do? I feel so helpless or hopeless. When will things be “normal” again? I have stopped listening to the news. Or facebook. Or twitter or … ( fill in the blank) Prayer is good. Prayer is excellent but We need to act also.  Over this fall I have heard versions of those […]

Financial Management Workshop

November 4, 2017 Long Valley Presbyterian Church 39 Bartley Road Long Valley, New Jersey 07853 9 am to 12:30pm   A Learning and Networking Event This workshop is for Pastors, Elders, Trustees, Treasurers, Financial Secretaries, Business Administrators, property committees and all those with responsibilities for church finances or church property. Are you a new church […]

Resourcing Coordinator Position Available

Presbytery of Newton Resourcing Coordinator Responsibilities: ·         Recruit, train and coordinate library volunteers to perform the on-going maintenance of the Newton Resource Center collection. ·         Promote the use of Resource Center and the Resourcing Team to the Presbytery by maintaining Newton Presbytery Resourcing Facebook page and creating a monthly Resource Center communication. ·         Act as […]

The Budget Story for 2018

The Presbytery of Newton Budget Story 2018 Newton Presbytery’s Mission is to Serve Our Congregations in Our Calling to Further God’s Kingdom as Disciples of Christ   The Presbytery’s mission statement points to the work of the congregation being vital for the Kingdom of God. The mission of the presbytery is to provide support and […]

Continue to Pray for Puerto Rico and others in the path of the hurricane

This week let us continue to pray for the people of Puerto Rico. Reports in the news are bleak. The response from the outside appears to be slow. There is great need for food and water. The Presbytery Mission agency has had communication with the church leaders. Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is working to provide long […]

Just a few thoughts

I am on Continuing Education this week at the Stewardship Kaleidoscope Conference in St. Pete’s Beach, Florida.  I am writing this after three days of conversations, lectures, workshops and more conversations about Stewardship. Sorting through the information will take a little time. For this week’s blog I will share with you a few ideas and […]