Story of Hope: Sharing a Pastor

The Berkshire Valley Presbyterian Church and Oak Ridge Presbyterian Churches are 10.4 miles apart on the Berkshire Valley Road. The two congregations discovered that they were looking for a pastor about the same time – an idea was born. Following some conversations, facilitated by the interim pastors and the Committee on Ministry, the two congregations […]


WHY TRIENNIUM? CLICK HERE FOR THE ANSWER.   Triennium is a gathering held every three years for high school age students in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Youth from all churches (across the sponsoring denominations) come together for this life changing, life giving, faith growing gathering! Five days that help form […]

Report of the Presbytery Leader to the Presbytery of Newton on January 12,2019

From the Presbytery Leader to the Presbytery of Newton on January 12, 2019 The New Jersey Presbyteries boundaries haven’t changed significantly for more than 50 years. In that time communities have changed, populations have shifted, highways have been built and the world has expanded. Our presbyteries have gained and lost members/congregations and leadership structures have […]

Prayers of the Presbytery of Newton – January 2019

Every time the Presbytery of Newton gathers, we collect a financial offering but we also collect an offering of prayers. Please join with your brothers and sisters in Christ in lifting up the prayers of the people. Gracious God, You have promised to hear when we pray in the name of your Son.  Therefore, in […]

Prayers for those who struggle week to week

Prayers for those who struggle from pay check to pay check The news is all about the government workers and other affected by the shutdown.  On Friday they did not receive a paycheck.  Many people, even with a paycheck, struggle week to week to pay bills for food, rent and health care. Let us pray […]

The Answers to your Questions? – Missional Practice of Spiritual Discernment

Recently I was asked “how can I get my congregation to think about the future?”. Another question, very similar, “The church leaders have all different ideas, all are good, but different. How can I help them focus in one direction?” For several years now, we have been talking about the Missional Practices. These practices are […]

Prayer for the PCUSA congregations in the New Year

This week The Mission Yearbook focused on the church membership of the PCUSA in 2017. For the last 50 years the church has shown a decline in membership.  The sharpest decline of membership has been in the last few years as congregations have been dismissed to other denominations, mostly because of the 2010 action of […]

Epiphany and the Thin Place

Exodus 3: 5 – “Come no closer! Remove the sandals from your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground.” What is Epiphany? Question will be asked and answered in worship services this weekend. For those not wanting to wait for Sunday, Epiphany is the celebration of the manifestation of Jesus […]

Christmas Prayer

God Most High, your only Son embraced the weakness of humans, to give us power to become your children; your eternal Word chose a dwelling among us, that we might live in your presences. Grant us a spirit of wisdom to know how rich is the glory you have made your own, and how great […]

Christmas Love and Joy from the Presbytery Staff

We wish  all much love, joy and peace throughout the Christmas Season and in the New Year. Peace to your house,  Jeanne, Jeremy, Robin, Liz and Sonja