Highlights of the March Presbytery Meeting

Highlights of the March 8 2016 Presbytery Meeting
First Presbyterian Church of Rockaway.


  • The Presbytery welcomed Rev. Dr. Amaury Tañón-Santos, Synod of the Northeast Networker
  • Teaching Elder Amy Lincoln shared her experience as a Synod Commission and being part of the Witherspoon Street Presbyterian Church reconciliation.
  • Teaching Elder Robin Miller-Curras shared her experience learning about White privilege in America.  A video was shown:  A Conversation Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible (Producer/Director: Shakti Butler). Following the viewing of the video the Presbytery participants divided into discussion groups for facilitated discussions on building capacities and skills needed to address the issues of White Privilege.
  • Following dinner the new 30 Second Announcements was introduced and members were invited to share presbytery and church related announcements.
  • Jim Dieterle of the Nairobi Partnership Committee updated the Presbytery of the progress of the Kasasule clinic.
  • The Presbytery elected Ruling Elder Lisa Gray (Old Greenwich) as the next moderator and Teaching Elder Nancy Young as the next Vice moderator.amy lincoln report
  • Teaching Elder Tom Peters was elected to serve on the Nominating Committee and the Committee on Representation.
  • Rev. Dr. Amaury Tañón-Santos preached for the worship service
  • Teaching Elder and Presbytery Leader Jeanne Radak drew the presbyter’s attention to the 2015 Annual Reports
  • The Committee on Preparation asked the Presbytery for a waiver from the ordination requirement of a Bachelor’s degree for Inquirer Linda Gaden. The Presbytery approved the waiver.
  • The Presbytery approved a request from the session of First Presbyterian Church of Rockaway to approve sending an overture to the 22nd General Assembly. The Presbytery approved.