Prayers for those affected by the Southern Winter Storms

Prayers for Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana who are struggling with the record low temperatures, snow, water and heat problems. In the Northeast we are used to and prepared for cold weather, the south is not.  Power outages, frozen pipes and snow have created hazardous conditions on so many levels. According to Valerie Young, Executive for the Synod of the Sun, every presbytery within the synod has been adversely affected by the weather systems, water outages and now an earthquake in Oklahoma.

Let us pray:

God of the ages, you have always been faithful to your people.

Give comfort and courage to those who are suffering and struggling through these winter storms across the south. Chaos and destruction have shattered so many lives. They are cold. They are without water. They are without heat. Many are now without a home.

Give strength and skill to those who are working to save and assist those in need. Guide those in need of a place of warmth, food and water to those working diligently to provide care.

Guide the hands and strengthen the hearts of those who work to bring order to the chaos. May they be the light and warmth in the darkness and cold.

Give us strength to support those who have lost so much. Help us to be more than just a prayer but to engage in ways to can truly support our siblings who are struggling this winter and pandemic.

In Christ’s name we pray, AMEN 

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance has reached out to the presbyteries of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.  Please help them with a generous grift to the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.  Gifts can be made online .