The Light Shines in the Darkness…

Epiphany, the day we celebrate the light shining out of the darkness, the day the light leads the magi to the Christ child, was a day when the darkness tried to overtake our government and democracy.

This day was the consequence of the culmination of years of rhetoric the spewed hatred, division, and lies and actions that divided, threatened, and treated people with contempt, disrespect, loathing, and hatred.

We are entering the New Year. Our hope was that this would be a better year than 2020. This will be a better year as we claim our role as people of the light.  We cannot remain silent to the irresponsible and reckless behavior and rhetoric that continues to divide, demean, and isolate the people of God.

Our responsibility and call as people of faith is to be the light in the community. The light that speaks and acts for peace and justice. One cannot happen without the other.  The moment has arrived for us to stop fretting and bemoaning that we cannot be the church without being in our sanctuaries. We have already been the light outside of our buildings.  Over these last 10 months we have witnessed and participated in the great things we can do to serve the ministry and mission of Jesus Christ.

We are now called to go further and take on the mantle of being the voice for the voiceless, dismantling structural racism, eradicating systemic poverty and being communities of faith that develop and teach new disciples for God’s call to ministry and mission. That may feel overwhelming, but we can and will meet this challenge.

We are now in a transition to a new way of being a Presbytery Community. The paths are laid out before us to develop a culture that focuses on God’s call to be the church in new ways. As a community we are and can be a witness to the light that shines out of the darkness. We have work to do in 2021.