Prayer for the New School Year

This is a school year like no other anyone can remember. Let us remember in prayer all who are involved in our schools and educating our children.

Lord, you call us forth to be your community. In that community we learn, and we teach. As the fall season is upon us, we lift in prayer those who teach our children.

As we look to a new school year, we thank you for educators and administrators, bus drivers and cafeteria workers, custodians and coaches, counselors and school board members, parents, and students.

This year the excitement of starting the new year is tempered with anxiety of starting a new year still in the middle of the pandemic.  Every year teachers, coaches, administrators and so many more work diligently to plan and implement a program that will assist our children in learning, growing and community living. This year is so exceedingly difficult for children, teachers, and parents and all who work to make schools run.

We recognize that it takes a multitude of gifts, countless resources, lots of energy, compassion and patience for our teachers, students and parents. We ask your blessing upon all of them. Give them strength, patience, joy and resilience.

We remember that this year for most families the new school year will be particularly challenging. Show us the best ways we can support all families. Help us to be the community you call us to be, beloved, caring, and responsible for one another.  Amen.