Prayer for Wonder and Awe

Over the last few weeks we have been able to see with our naked eye the comet known as Neowise.  As I stood in the darkness and quiet gazing at the stars, the comet, planets and even human made celestial bodies I could help wonder at the beauty and vastness of God’s Cosmos.  Let us take time this week to reflect and pray on the wonder of God’s creation not just on earth but above us also.

God of the Cosmos, your love reaches beyond space and time. We are astonished by your vast creation- innumerable galaxies surrounded by dark matter, elegant structures and staggering variety, the interplay of matter and energy, the pull of gravity and the speed of light – all showing your wisdom and glory, O God! We are dust and stardust, made in your image. We are part of the creation you are making new. Let our awe increase, like your ever-expending universe, until we find ourselves lost in wonder, love, and praise, through Jesus Christ, the Alpha and the Omega. Amen.

The Book of Common Worship