Stewardship during the time of a Pandemic

There is so much to think about for our Faith Communities during the pandemic. Sometimes it is simply hard to keep track of what needs to happen next. Feels like things can sneak up on us as we continue through this Liminal Season.

One thing that might sneak up on our church leadership is Stewardship. What does Stewardship look like as we move into the Fall? What does Stewardship look like during a pandemic season?  No one really knows but people are working on it so you can have the information and resources needed to plan and to move forward with some solid financial plans.

Stewardship Kaleidoscope annual conference, like everything else, moved to a virtual platform.  They are offering three virtual events September 22, 29 and October 6.  The cost is $45 dollars for all three events plus additional resources.

The Lake Institute on Faith and Giving is doing every Wednesday Summer “Office Hours” for Conversations about financial issues for churches. Every week will be a difference topic of conversation with experts in the areas of fundraising and stewardship. The August 5 “Office Hours” will be a discussion about Congregational Stewardship Campaigns.

The Church Financial Leadership Academy is a self-directed, interactive, and educational church financial tool for pastoral leadership offered at no cost.  There is information about e-Giving and understanding the “new normal”. All church leaders should sign up for this free tool.

The Presbyterian Foundation has a wealth of information for all  areas of stewardship and finances.  This includes a Stewardship Navigator, Financial Health Assessment, Annual Stewardship/Generosity Toolbox, Wills and Legacy Giving,  Endowments and Planned Giving.

More information is coming out regularly.  Watch our website for updates.