Table of Hope

An EMMCO Partnership:

A year ago, the Presbyterian churches in: Stanhope, Whippany, Mendham, Succasunna, and Kitchell in Hanover, decided to partner together with Habitat for Humanity.  A large condo build was happening just down the road from the Succasunna church, making it a perfect location for hospitality.  Over the course of last year, the fellowship hall was used as both a cooling and warming station, lunches were served to volunteers, and six amazing welcome baskets were prepared by our congregations.

As we began gearing up for the second year, Covid-19 hit.  The question was asked, now what?  Do we wait it out and pick up where we left off when we are able?  Or do we get creative and figure out a new way to be in partnership with Habitat.  A zoom call was made with two of the Habitat Staff to brainstorm how to continue using our EMMCO grant money in partnership with Habitat.  Can we be creative and innovative in a time such as this?

Covid has created a crisis in our communities with unemployment and financial stress on families.  Habitat decided to partner with Table of Hope, a mobile food pantry out of Morristown.  This past week, on Wednesday, July 8, Habitat held their third food distribution with Table of Hope, and the Presbyterian Churches stepped up to volunteer and financially support this much needed food ministry.  Members from the Whippany and Succasunna churches were present, as well as a Habitat Faithful volunteer from the Boonton church.  The EMMCO grant also included partnership with other congregations in Roxbury, and a volunteer was present from the Methodist church as well as the Town Council.  On behalf of Newton Presbytery, and the cluster of churches working together with Habitat for Humanity, a $250.00 check from the EMMCO grant was given to Table of Hope for their continued work at bringing food to those in need.  This past Wednesday over 245 families received five bags of groceries including dairy, fresh produce, and meat.

These are difficult times and sometimes the plans we have made need to be altered.  As we seek to adapt to our new normal or our ever changing present, God is calling us to continue with our ministries.  Are there other ministries in our Presbytery that have adapted, transformed, or have become innovative due to Covid-19?  If so, please share them with the Presbytery.