Prayers for those who are tired

Prayers this week for those who are tired.  The last few months are taking a toll on all of us. So much has happened in the world, in the community, in the church and in our own homes. Some are tired because they are alone. Others are tired because the learning curve for working from home has been sharp. Some are tired because the whole family is working from home and they are not only doing their work but caring for children, assisting the teachers with schoolwork, and trying to maintain sanity. Others are tired because they are unemployed, or their business is shut down and fear and sleepless nights are draining their energy.  Others are tired because they are trying to care for a sick parent or grandparent. Others are tired because they are recovering from the virus or other illness.

So much to think about, some much to manage, so much worry and fear. Let us pray. We need to pray.

Eternal God, our beginning and our end, be our starting point and our haven, and accompany us on each day’s journey. Renew this weary world.  Heal the hurts of all your children. Bring your peace for all. Give us strength to walk the path before us. Guide us to the partners that will walk with us in this time of uncertainty and weariness. You are the strength that keeps us going. Hear our prayers each day as we continue to move forward.  In Jesus name, Amen.