Remembering those who died while in Service to our Country

Eternal God,
from whom all life comes, to whom all life returns,
we give thanks for all who served our country in the military.

We give thanks for sacrifices made and for those who gave the full measure of devotion.

We give thanks for their lives, their goodness, and their love. They gave the ultimate sacrifice. We are thankful for willingness to serve so others may live in peace and freedom.

We also remember those who have served, returned home and struggle in many ways. Let us be the voices for those in need of services, care, homes and assistance. You provide the opportunities to minister in many ways let us be open to and accept those opportunities.

We pray for those who are deployed away from their loved ones, in service around the world. Keep them safe and bring them home to those who miss and love them.

We pray for those who grieve. This weekend can be a painful time. In that time of sadness grant them and all of us the assurance that nothing in life or in death can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord, Amen.