We are Reinventing the Wheel

For some reason this week at least a dozen people made the comment “let’s not reinvent the wheel” or “we shouldn’t try to reinvent the wheel”.

I disagree. Let’s reinvent the wheel.  We need to reinvent the wheel. In this pandemic environment we have no choice but to reinvent the wheel.

The world as we know it has changed for church life.  Our personal lives have changed. Our church lives have changed.  We are out of our buildings. We are worshipping, learning, connecting, working, conducting business, praying together all online.  Everything is from a “social distance”

Our mission projects have been disrupted. Church school, youth group and Vacation Bible School are taking on new forms. Yet we are continuing to provide those connections and learnings. New ministries are emerging as we learn and become aware of the consequences of the lockdown, stay at home orders.  Personally, and as the church   we are experiencing and responding to effects social distancing, isolation, unemployment, school closings, food insecurities, overwhelmed health care and a essential workers, grieving families and so much more.

The world has changed, and we have reinvented the wheel to match that transformation that came upon us so quickly.

We will be allowed to gather again, leave our homes again, go back to work and school. We will see each face to face and laugh at stupid jokes. We will hug and cry and grieve. We will give thanks to God and hold each other’s hands in prayer.

We are not going back to way we were. We have and are reinventing the wheel. We have entered a new era of church and community life.  So, let’s embrace that new world, the new era.  We CAN reinvent. We can innovate and adapt. We are finding new ways to be church. We have permission to reinvent the wheel.  Thanks be to God.

Ways we are reinventing the wheel

Congregational Meetings online – Many of you have discovered that your bylaws don’t allow for having a congregational meeting without meeting face to face. Your presbytery staff have been working on this problem and with input from the larger PCUSA community have a solution.

Reentry Team – The Presbytery Coordinating Team has established a Reentry Team who will work on how we can gather safely again once the governor allows church gatherings. They will also be assisting all of us on ways we can reinvent the wheel, continue the good work we have discovered during the lockdown and engage us in ways we can look down the road and be prepared for the emerging new world.  More information will be coming soon.

Presbytery Meeting online – The Presbytery will be experimenting on how to gather the community on ZOOM. The May Presbytery Meeting will happen online on May 12.  This is definitely an experiment so be kind in your evaluation.  Presently we have over 100 people registered for this meeting.  Prayers for the Planning team and Presbytery staff, they are a little anxious about it.