Pray for Those Who Work Behind the Scenes

During these first days of May we celebrate working people. People of all colors, genders, sexual preference and level of ability.  We are not always aware of the people who fulfill and ship our packages, pick, package and deliver our food and items we need.  In this time of Pandemic many workers are on the front line of helping us stay safe. Many are separated from their families in order to keep them safe.

Let us pray for all those who go to work in order that we can stay home.

God of compassion, walk with all who go to their jobs each day in order to keep the economy moving, to keep the shelves stocked, the food moving from farm to table and who prepare it for us to pick up.  We lift up all those who serve behind the scenes of our everyday lives in order that the larger community is safe.

We pray for their safety. Lead us to be advocates for fair pay, healthcare and security for those who provide so much, and we don’t even know it. Help us to be show our appreciation by following the stay at  home and social distancing  order without complaining and whining.

We give thanks for all who give so much for the health and well being of the community.

In Jesus name. Amen.