Matthew 25: Vital Congregations

Evangelism:  Zoom conversation led by Ray Jones

Evangelism:  Sharing the story of our lives together.  Sharing the good news of our faith.  What stories do we want to share with others?  We share what is beautiful and good to us.  We share God’s story with our story.

2 Corinthians 4:5-15 – Treasure in clay jars –

Congregational Vitality:  7 Marks – Embracing the call to evangelism. We show forth the love of Christ by our actions and our lives even more than by our words. Our relationships are genuine and caring. People know we are Christians by our love.

Why do we want to share Christ with others?

Why do we live the way we live?

Why do we gather as a people of God?

To express the Kingdom of Heaven


To do Justice

To live out Jesus’ teachings in community

We are the body of Christ – we are called to show up

How do we do Evangelism in these times?

Say thank you to people

Phone calls:  how do we connect with people?

Time to get to know our neighbors?

Sidewalk chalk – post positive messages

Facebook groups – third places

Can we use this time to build authentic relationships?

We share what is beautiful and good to us.

Our on-line worship

As the body of Christ, we are involved in life changing events in people’s lives.

This is a time of uncertainty of life.  We don’t know the duration of this pandemic nor do we know the financial impact it will have.  It is okay to be vulnerable together.  The scriptures are filled with hope and lament.  We are living this daily.   People need the good news.

We are called to be a community that makes a difference in the lives of people around us.