We don’t know the end of the story…or do we?

We are experiencing Lent and Easter in a new way. At time moment in time it is hard to reflect on the experience because this like no other Lent we have ever experienced.

The disciples on the day after the crucifixion were fearful, confused, angry, bewildered and grieving. They did not know the end of the story. They might have believed that they had come to the end of their story.

We do not know the end of the story of our coronavirus experience. It feels like it will go on indefinitely. We are living in uncertain, confusing, bewildering, grieving and difficult times. We may not know the end of this story.

We do know that on Easter morning one story ended for the disciples and another story, a story of hope and resurrection, began.  We live that new story of hope and resurrection. We know that our savior lives, and we are not abandoned in our darkness, fear, isolation and grief.

The liturgical calendar says we are coming out of Lent.  It may not feel that way. We don’t know what will happen. We do know that Easter did happen and continues to happen and we are part of that story.

Hold onto that story of Hope and Resurrection, we live that story today and tomorrow.

May God’s love and the hope of the resurrection though Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit be with you at these difficult and hope filled times.