Monday Morning Update from the Presbytery Leader

It was great to see so many of our congregations sharing worship services on Facebook or Youtube. I know several congregations met onsite yesterday because of necessity of congregational meetings or to prepare for not meeting onsite.

The CDC is now requesting that people avoid meeting in groups of 50 or more.  The leadership of the Presbytery last week encouraged sessions to have conversations about meeting onsite immediately. If your session has not had this conversation it is imperative that you do it now. Though we cannot tell you not to have Sunday worship  onsite, with our strongest encouragement we are asking you to not worship onsite for a least the next couple of weeks, maybe more.  Please consider the older members and those who underlying health issues. This is a highly contagious virus and our utmost goal is to  keep everyone safe and healthy.

What to do if your congregation cannot meet for worship or other gatherings?  We will be publishing information and resources as fast as we have them on our website, Facebook, enews  and twitter. A “tech team” is being formed and our goal is to have a ZOOM meeting on Wednesday to share ideas and knowledge on how to do worship virtually.  We have a Facebook page dedicated to COVID-19 information.

Information for the TECH Zoom meeting will be published tomorrow.

Pastors Check In

We will be hosting two Pastor Check In ZOOM meetings on Tuesday at 1 pm and Thursday at 3 pm. Pastors are encouraged to join one or both of those gatherings.  Topics of conversation will be published on Twitter and Facebook a few hours prior to the meetings. If you have topic you wish for us to cover please let me know through text or email.   A separate email with the login for these meetings will be sent to Pastors.

Teams and Committees of the Presbytery

Teams and Committees will be meeting by ZOOM meetings.  I will be checking in with moderators of the teams to discuss scheduling the meetings.

Presbytery Office Hours

The Presbytery Office will be open for limited hours. The staff are taking turns being present at the office to receive calls, mail and deliveries. There will be no presbytery meetings at the office until further notice. All staff is available by email, text and phone.