March 10th Presbytery Meeting Highlights

Presbyters gathered at Calvary Presbyterian Church in Florham Park on Tuesday, March 10th for the stated meeting of the presbytery. Highlights of our gathering included:

  • Election of Rev. David Young, Moderator and Rev. Robin Miller Currás Vice Moderator — if you know people in your church who might be willing and able to serve on presbytery teams please be in touch with Rev. Barbara Aspinall and the nominating committee
  • Worship led by Co-Moderator of the 223rd General Assembly Rev. Cindy Kohlmann. Cindy Preached on Matthew 25 and encouraged presbyters to focus on seeing Christ in all those we encounter.
  • An update on Missional Structures Communities in NJ was shared by Rev. Jeanne Radak including learnings from the pastors lunches which have taken place. Our leadership, our transition team, as well as the working group convened by the synod continue to work to prepare for the coming changes.
  • Learning component was shared around our Matthew 25 theme of Church Vitality. Cindy Kohlmann shared insights from the book Neighborhood Church this years installment of the One Church One book book study series, and how community engagement can drive church vitality. Information on the book can be found here
  • The trustees introduced rationale and plans to shift the investments of Newton Presbytery to fossil free vehicles. A final recommendation will be voted on in May.
  • Presbyters had time for fellowship and meet and greet with the Co-Moderator and shared lovely snacks provided by our hosts.
  • The annual report of the presbytery was received including updates on year end financial results, and a remembrance of Ruling and Teaching Elders who have entered the more immediate presence of God.
  • Rev. Unzu Lee shared with the presbytery about the new missionary work she will be doing in Korea through the Presbyterian Mission Agency. She is available to speak at churches before she leaves for a 4 year assignment, and will be home to speak and raise funds for a period after the 2nd year. She also has a newsletter which presbyters can join to receive updates on her work.