Common Sense People, Common Sense

This  week news of the corona virus has dominated TV, stock market and social media. Several people have asked me if the PCUSA has made any statements. Things are beginning to emerge from a variety of sources. The Presbyterian Disaster Assistance has published a document on pandemics. Click here for document.  More information will be coming soon.

The best advice is common sense. Stay home if you are sick (it is still flu season).  Wash your hands. Do those things to keep your immune system healthy.

At church and meetings have hand sanitizer  available in accessible locations. Take your tissues with you don’t leave them in the pews. ( yes we know some of you do that). Better yet if you are sneezing, stay home.  Perhaps during Lent, the ritual of sharing the peace be set aside until after Easter. Also avoid doing communion by intinction until the virus has run its course might be considered also.

Other Things… consider live streaming your worship service for those who are stuck at home with the flu or other reasons. Also if you don’t already have it on your webpage consider adding online giving.

During this season of flu and maybe other types of illness use common sense. Check in on each other. Do what you can to help the sick. Stock up on chicken soup. Send notes of encouragement to those home bound (should be doing that now!).  Prayers for all.

I will add more information here as it comes in.