Prayer for God’s Creation

The fires in Australia continue. The weather is on the verge of extreme. Piles of trash accumulate in the oceans.  The news tells of stories, good and bad, about the changing climate and the efforts to protect the earth.

Let us pray this week for God’s creation.

Creator of all things,

In your great mercy you call us to care for your creation, to uphold one another and to pray for your world. Hear our prayers for the healing of the earth, for clean water, for the right use of resources and the careful tending of the land the seas.

Hear our prayers for people and places damaged by war, for those who suffer, those whose needs are known to us and those whose needs are known only to you.

With confidence that you hear our prayers, we offer ourselves for your good purposes, watching and waiting for the healing of your creation as we work toward your coming reign.

Let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts.  Amen.


Adapted from the Book of Common Worship