Prayers of the Presbytery

Each Presbytery Meeting Participants are invited to offer prayers that we share with entire Presbytery Community.

In your time of prayer over this next week please remember and offer in prayer the following from our November 2019 Presbytery meeting.

Please pray for:

  • Joyce S.
  • Leadership in our world
  • Dean S. who is recovering from knee replacement surgery
  • Healing of a relationship
  • Those who are engaged in the Western Wildfires
  • Those who are working to address the issues of Climate change
  • Those are unemployed and seeking employment
  • Those who struggle with mental health issues and those who help those with mental health issues.
  • Residents and staff of Safe Harbor Shelter in Easton who are struggle with the O.D. death of a resident
  • Empowering of the Holy Spirit
  • Peace in the Middle East
  • Peace in each household as we approach the holiday season
  • My daughter Colleen
  • All to be safe, understood and loved
  • The Family of Bruce Campbell and those who grieve
  • For L.W.- 4 year old who is ill
  • Luis who has been jailed and facing deportment.
  • my daughter
  • Baby B.
  • Baby M who is in palliative care
  • Facing challenges in marriage
  • Mike -recovery from surgery
  • Gail H. and family who are greatly saddened by the unexpected passing of her husband Bill.
  • Tyler H., Mission Coworker in Malawi who has broken several ribs and has been air-vaced to South Africa.
  • Gail C. and her family on the passing of her husband.
  • For the People of Hong Kong
  • Continuing prayers for those displaced in the California Fires
  • Those struggling with mental and brain health
  • Those folks spending holidays with out loved ones this year.
  • Dale who is undergoing cancer treatment
  • Laura who is undergoing cancer treatment
  • Hal tests , treatment and healing

Gracious God, we have many burdens and concerns.  We pray for those who we know and those we don’t know. We pray for those things outside of our control and for those things maybe we can affect.  Receive all these prayers in the tenderness of your mighty hand, and strengthen our hands to serve you and your creation; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.