November 12th Presbytery Meeting Highlights

Presbyters gathered for the stated meeting of the Presbytery on Tuesday November 12th in the beautiful sanctuary of the Blairstown church. In addition to enjoying fellowship over lovely snacks provided by the host church, presbyters were led in worship by youth from the triennium team, as well as by the administrative commission serving the former congregation at Stillwater.

Highlights of the business included:

  • Approval of the 2020 presbytery budget
  • An update on the New Jersey Missional Communities process and announcement that the Synod of the Northeast has engaged our own Elder Joe Martinoni as a consultant and resource person for the next phase of the project. An update on our visiting team process was also shared.
  • The youth who attended triennium shared a skit based on the Zaccheus story and shared about their experiences attending the conference.
  • Presbyters voted to amend the certificate of incorporation and approve the bylaws of the Presbytery of Newton Cemetery Association.
  • The Funds Development team shared a presentation about planned giving and showed a video from the Presbyterian Foundation
  • Presbytery concurred with two overtures from the Synod of the Northeast:
    • Requesting a commission to adjust presbytery boundaries between assemblies
    • On ordaining Ruling Elders to service beyond the session of the church of membership.
  • Ruling Elders Alec Jain and Ken Nickel and Teaching Elders Amy Sandlin and David Young were elected as commissioners to the 224th General Assembly in Baltimore this coming summer. Teaching Elder Jen Van Zandt was elected as alternate. The Nominating team was commissioned to elect a YAAD on behalf of the presbytery. Please encourage YAADs to apply ASAP. Click here for the application.