Stories of Hope: Youth and Young Leaders

So easy to get wrapped up in the “news” that reports on the sad, tragic, and horrific events of the world. Stories of hope may appear hard to find.

The 2019 Presbytery meetings focused on the stories that shined a light into the dark places and the stories that reminded us that together as God’s people lives are transformed and set on a path of light.

This year we have shared stories from the broader church, Matthew 25, partners in ministry and the missional practices.  We will end the 2019 Presbytery meetings with Stories of Hope: Youth and Young Adults.  Participants of this summer’s PCUSA Youth Triennium will lead us in worship and music and share their stories of hope. Because of their school schedules their presentation will be at 4 pm.

Please join us for the Presbytery meeting at First Presbyterian Church of Blairstown and make it a point to be there at 4 pm for the Stories of Hope from the young leaders of the church.