Prayers for a 50th Anniversary Celebration

This weekend Panther Valley Ecumenical Church, a congregation that is connected to the Presbytery of Newton, United Church of Christ (UCC), The Episcopal Church (USA)  and the United Methodist Church, is celebrating their 50th anniversary this weekend.

Let us remember them in prayer this week as they celebrate 50 years of mission to the Allamuchy/Hackettstown communities.

In 1969 they created a membership covenant. “We, a gathering of the people of God, celebrating the on God, Father, Son, and  Holy Spirit, seeking in faithfulness to unite under the Gospel for Christ’s mission and service to the world, covenant to seek the development of Christian unity and community. “

Panther Valley Ecumenical Church Staff
Rev. Ninabeth Metcalf
Diane Van Dongen, music director
Elizabeth Silva,  custodian
Cynthia Richards, church administrator

Eternal God,

In whom we live and move and have our being, hear our prayer.

For the church universal, and for this congregation of your people, We give you thanks for the years of ministry, stewardship, education, children, worship, mission and many memories of journeying together as your disciples.  We give you thanks for the years you have lead the Panther Valley Church in ways to serve you and to be your people. Open them to the future you promise in the years that lie ahead. Grant them encouragement in the work of ministry and promise of the future. Give them such trust in your abiding Holy Spirit, that they may find joy and peace in their life together, strength and courage to live in the world for your reign, and hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen