Prayers for Peace and Justice

September to October is the Season of Peace and Global Witness.  Many of our congregations just last week received the Peacemaking Offering.

This week in the news we are reminded of the places in the world that continue to be at war or in conflict. Syria, Turkey, Hong Kong are the headlines this week. What will the headlines be next week?

Let us pray this week for peace and for justice in those places that do not know what that means, for those people have fled the conflicts and long to return to their homes and communities, for those who protest or wish they could protest the injustice and oppression that they find all around them.

Gracious God, by day and night we pour out our prayer to you. We are crying out for justice, yearning for what is right, longing for your peace.

Come quickly to help us, O God; save those who call upon your name.  Your people cry: How long, O Lord?

Gracious, God, keep us working and praying for the day when your justice will roll down like waters, and your righteousness like and ever-flowing stream.

Replenish our strength and stir up our hope as we look for signs of your coming reign.

And fill us with the peace that passes understanding – the deep peace of Jesus Christ our Savior, in whose holy name we pray. Amen.

(adapted from Service for Justice and Peace,  Book of Common Worship)