The Story
The NJ Missional Structure Transition continues to move forward

What’s the update on this ongoing story?

Presently we are waiting for one more presbytery to vote. In the meantime, the Synod Mission and Ministry Commission approved a Part time Temporary staff person who will assist the NJ presbyteries in the technical issues of the transition. More information about the person and when the person will begin will be announced soon.

So, is this Presbytery just sitting on their hands?

No. The Presbytery Coordinating Team (PCT) has been busy preparing.  First they have approved the formation of a Transition Team.  Second members of the Presbytery will be visiting with the sessions of Newton Presbytery.

What’s the visiting thing about?

Glad you asked. Presbyteries over the generations have had many different roles and identities. Institution. Organization. Regulatory Agency. You can add your own name to the list. However, over the past 6 plus years the Newton Presbytery Leadership has been intentional on moving from the primary identity of being an institution or organization to the identity of being a Community.  A Community made up of faith communities/congregations working, worshiping, and learning together. As well as partnering, caring and supporting each other in doing the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ.

So, the Presbytery doesn’t do “ business” anymore?

No, we still have the responsibility of accountability to the larger church through our governance and Book of Order and we have responsibilities to NJ Corporate rules.  Our focus has been pointed towards being a community that supports and resources each other.

Thanks for all that but how does that relate to the transition?

As we wait for the final vote the PCT, Committee on Ministry (COM), members of the Missional Ministry Team (MMT) and Emerging Mission and Ministry Co-op (EMMCO) agreed to continue to strengthen our community through “Building Relationships” visits with sessions of the Presbytery of Newton.

Go on…

Over the next few months Moderators of session will be contacted by their COM Liaison to set up a time to meet with the session to share stories, update them on the transition, and to hear their stories of hope for their congregation.  Sometime after the first of year we will continue the “Building Relationships” visits with the sessions of the congregations of the “soon to be formed” Northwest NJ Presbytery.  The plan is to build relationships in order to form a new community of faith communities in Northwest NJ.

When will all this actually happen?

The official transition is still a future date to be determined. The building relationships among the congregation has already started as we invite others to events within our presbytery. Once the last vote is completed we will start our plans for getting to know each other.

The Chapter and Verse

The Presbytery Leadership is continuing the focus on being a community through “building relationship” visits with sessions in Newton Presbytery this fall with plans to visit with all the congregations of the soon to formed Presbytery of the Northwest sometime after the first of the year.